Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Love/Hate Relationship With Football

I have a love/hate relationship with football. One the one hand, it's a brutal, violent sport that often leaves the players broken and, it appears ever more likely, susceptible to lasting brain damage to varying degrees. I won't let my son play it and I remain grateful that my parents, long before the information about brain injuries came out, wouldn't let me play it either.

That said, I find the games captivating. The end of the Packers-Cardinals game Saturday night was among one of the best endings to a game I've seen in a while. I couldn't look away. Even knowing all I know about the potential damage being done to the players, I couldn't bring myself to look away.

In my limited defense, I have cut back considerably in the amount of football I do watch, but I haven't been able to completely break myself free of the game. At this point maybe I'm just a social watcher. That is, someone who watches primarily to be able to talk about the games with friends, acquaintances and coworkers. It's not a perfect solution, but it's how I rationalize it to myself

Just three stories from the long weekend as I tried to be outside doing things rather than at a computer or looking at my phone.

The Exploitation of Martin Luther King's Legacy by White Supremacy - A look at some of the myths that have arisen around Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday Service in Charleston - Charlie Pierce visits "Mother Emanuel" six months after nine members were killed by a gunman.

The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You're a Trump Supporter - I'll spare you the clickbait, it's if you're an authoritarian. Even knowing that (and understanding it's a bit simplistic), it's still insightful to read the article if you're interested in Trump's supporters.

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