Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm Here For The Jokes

I love elections. I love the strategy and the math and reading what percent of this group or that demographic that a candidate has to get in certain areas in order to win an election. It's fun and exciting stuff.

The action governing and policy and consequences of elections I find boring and frustrating, but elections, man, those are fun.

And this year, it's been a blast. Look, yes there is a reality show star leading the Republican field and he was just endorsed by former vice-presidential candidate turned reality star, but that's what makes it so great. The jokes write themselves. And not just the dumb ones I can come up with, but actual funny jokes mocking the candidates who have made a mockery of the election.

Yes, at the end of this campaign there will be a winner and there will be consequences, but until that time, the jokes will flow. They will spew forth from Bulls#%t Mountain (copyright Jon Stewart) and give us hours of joy. I mean, just look at this mashup of Sarah Palin's speech with Iggy Azalea. It's going to be fun. Well, right up until it's not fun if Trump wins. But until then, join me in forgetting about getting angry or upset at any of the stump speeches. Just hang around for the jokes.

And now the stories I found interesting since my last post.

Why Precisely Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations - Ta-Nehisi Coates could rewrite the menu to McDonald's and I'd link to it. He's that good.

Former NFL Receiver Antwaan Randle El Regrets Ever Playing Football - On the day I wrote this about my uneasiness with football, this article comes out about a guy eight months younger than I am who is having his body break down. My entertainment isn't worth doing this to anyone.

Dear Cam Newton: Please Don't Read This - Dave Zirin examines the bizarre need some people have for Cam Newton to meet their standards of what a role model is.

The Working-Class People the NFL Screwed in St. Louis - If you demand "loyalty" from players, you need to also demand loyalty from owners too. Here, a look at the people affected by the Rams leaving St. Louis.

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