Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Power of Cookies

The little guy and I went for a cookie today. In and of itself, this isn't anything special. I'm sure Subway sells thousands of cookies daily and I'm willing to bet a fair number of them are sold to a dad and his son. 

I got one too.
But today was special because I wanted it to be special. After spending a little more than an hour at the playground (mostly in the field next to the playground playing soccer), I asked the little guy if he wanted a treat, which I didn't tell him what it was. Like any kid, he was excited and intrigued. 

I can't say I'd have done it were it not for a tweet from someone who is quickly becoming one of my favorites, Jeff Pearlman. (you may remember him as the guy whose idea I modified for our "Good Deed a Day for Lent" efforts. Anyway, he tweeted the other day "Friend of a friend had a funeral today. 38. volunteer firefighter. headaches 10 days ago - brain cancer. Hug your kids, skip work, live!" Granted, being unemployed, it's easy to skip work, even if, as the saying goes, the problem with being unemployed is as soon as you wake up, you're on the job.

 I've read far too many "live for today. God hasn't promised you tomorrow," sayings. I can't say why this particular one struck me, other than the personal nature of it. Something's different when there's an actual person tied to the circumstances. So hug your kids. Tell your significant other you love them. Skip work and spend all day on your roof playing the tuba or whatever bucket list item you've been putting off.  And if that item is "send money to that unemployed guy who rarely blogs," you should really get on that.