Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ironic rain on the wedding day

 The wedding started late for an undisclosed reason. The following is a list of reason's why we think it started late. (Note: These were written hastily this morning after we realized there would be a delay. Expect a full recap of the actual ceremony and reception tonight. If you're late to the party and want to start that beginning, you can find part one here, part two here and part three here.

Dan stole Rachana’s shoes

Rachana took too much Ambien, crashed her car into a tree, Dan rescued her with a three wood.

The priest didn’t show up.

Brunch at Hooters ran later than expected.

Rachana forgot her dress

Dan has second thoughts

Rachana had 17th thoughts

Dan was late b/c he couldn’t find his ball on the 18th hole

Master’s Coverage was on.

SportsCenter was on.

The debate regarding sandals and flip-flops turned physical

Rachana wanted new henna

There was rain on his wedding day, which was ironic, don’t you think.

They changed their mind and decided on a Christian wedding

Rachana found out Dan’s 1/64th black

They finally executed the arrest warrant for Dan’s outstanding jaywalking citation.

Incriminating photos of Dan surfaced with three of Tiger’s mistresses

Incriminating photos of Rachana suffered of her with Tiger and Jesse James is a freaky three-way.

The drummer forgot the drum.

It’s a tradition unlike any other to start weddings late.

Rachana’s brother asked ‘where the white women at?’ offending some of the white women.

Rachana really wanted to go to the Greenville Zoo after seeing photos of a Tiger.

Dan and Rachana kidnapped my son and held him for ransom.

Rachana wanted to give Dan another chance to run.

The groom got excited, did a stage dive from the fifth floor, breaking his leg.

The groom got tired of waiting, jumped from the fifth floor, breaking his leg.

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ashley said...

I learned from my Indian boss that it is common in Indian weddings to sort of hold the bride "ransom" and tell the groom that the family isn't going to let him marry her unless he jumps through a lot of hoops.