Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Olympic Observations

In case you missed my first batch, click here.

Compared to other flags, the US flag has a lot going on.
A. Japanese kids have it easy learning to draw their flag.

The consensus seems to be that Lindsey Vonn isn't just Olympic Hot, she's just hot.

I may be the only person who doesn't care about Shawn White winning the Snowboard halfpipe.

NBC deciding to tape-delay the events has caused me to avoid ESPN.
A. I miss Pardon the Interruption.

I didn't watch Jay Leno at 11:35, I didn't watch him at 10, and I won't be watching him again at 11:35.

The Marriage Ref is essentially Mystery Science Theater 3000 using stupid people rather than bad movies for the set up of the jokes.
A. It won't be nearly as clever as MST3K

Part of me feels bad for the figure skaters who fall and have their Olympic hopes dashed after one mistake.
A. I repress that part of me and just laugh at others' misfortune.

The nearest Curling club to me is two hours away.
A. That's actually closer than I thought it would be.
B. I'm still not going to drive two hours to go curling.
C. Unless Nicole Joraanstad is there.
C1. Joraanstad is Olympic Hot.
D. Cheryl Bernard of Canada is as well.
D2. As are many women's Olympic curlers
E. I remain undecided as to Debbie McCormick's attractiveness
F. I've obviously watched a lot of curing.

In order to be a figure skating commentator, you must be a Debbie Downer.

P&G claims to be the official sponsor of moms, yet moms have to pay to get P&G products. I don't think they understand how sponsorship works.

Bobsledding looks to be essentially sledding down a sheet of ice.

Elfi Schlegel has to have the worst name of any announcer on television.

A. She is, however, slated to play Will Ferrell's wife in Elf 2: The Fight to Unionize

I've watched more CNBC during the Olympics than I have in the last four years.
A. I may watch some of their documentaries.

The lack of commercials make Olympic hockey thrilling to watch.
A. It also results in NBC relegating it to MSNBC or CNBC.

I would die on the slopes if I attempted any of the downhill skiing events.

I'd also die of exhaustion if I did any of the cross-country skiing.

There's a chance I'd die just from curling.
A. I'm miserably out of shape.

What possible reason is there to combine ski jumping with shooting?
A. Other than the fact that it's awesome.

The Toyota Sienna commercials annoy me.
A. Most of the commercials annoy me at this point.
B. If you're going to advertise for two weeks straight, have the decency to have multiple commercials or run the risk of alienating potential customers.

Any one of the USA women's hockey team could likely beat me up.

What do these niche sports' announcers do when the Olympics aren't going on?

I'm not going to watch 'Parenthood,' but it's nice knowing Lauren Graham is back on television.

Tanith Belbin may be fourth in Ice Dancing, but she's still first in my heart. (Don't tell my wife I said that.)
A. She says she's done with Olympic competitions, so I may never hear of her again.

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