Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fast enough, high enough, strong enough

Five days into the Olympics, these are my observations:

Figure skaters seem to have massive amounts of trouble landing their jumps.

Olympic athletes eat at McDonalds (or so their commercials tell me this, I'm a bit skeptical.)

Despite it's slow pace, curling can be fascinating and exciting.

Luge used to look like something I'd want to do.

Snowboard cross looks really fun.

Short track speed skating is always exciting.

Long track speed skating is not always exciting.

The Marriage Ref starts after the Olympics.

How to Tame Your Dragon spent its entire advertising budget for the Olympics.

How I Tamed Your Dragon will also be a porn movie within a matter of months.

NBC's announcers are not quite Olympic quality.
A. Repeating 'Anything can happen in snowboard cross' six times in 10 minutes seems like overkill.
B. 'We're cutting down to the top 32 for the Round of 32,' seems self-evident.

Polar Bears live in Canada and need a feature about them rather than showing actual events.

I still don't know the different between an axle, sow-cow and toe-loop.

My wife would rather watch the Bachelor or American Idol rather than the Olympics.
A. This makes me sad.

Al Michaels still believes in miracles . . . YES.

Choosing a city with an average temperature at this time of the year of 40 degrees may not be the best move the International Olympic Committee has ever made.

Lindsey Vonn's shin is a really important news story.

Canada's Opening Ceremonies were boring when compared to Beijing's.
A. Always double check your mechanical Olympic cauldron before using debuting it in front of more than a billion people.
B. I'm not intelligent enough to follow opening ceremonies without assistance from announcers.
C. I can't explain the appeal of watching the parade of nations.

More observations to come as the games continue (including my girl Tanith Belbin competing.)

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josh said...

"How I Tamed Your Dragon" was simultaneously the best and worst comment of the list.