Friday, February 5, 2016

Always the Last to Know

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning. Carolina vs. Denver. You won't be able to miss it and even if you don't watch, if you show up to work on Monday or visit anywhere on the internet, you'll be able to find out who won. It'll be impossible to avoid.

Which is why I love that every year there is a contest to try to be the last person in America not to know who won the game. It's called the Last Man and it's played entirely for pride. It's done on the honor system and players self-report their "deaths" in the game. It seems awesome and fun and I'd last about two seconds.

If you decide to play, good luck and I'm sorry I won't be hearing from you until you find out.

Also, for what it's worth, my prediction is Carolina 31, Denver 10.

On to the links:

Prehistoric Mystery Meat: It's What's for Dinner - Legend has it Wolly Mammoth meat was served a the 1951 Explorers Club Dinner. An investigation to find out if it was or not.

Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral, Horrifying Her Husband, Who had Paid to Have Her Killed - I think the headline pretty well describes what happened here.

'Concussion' Film Inspires High School Football Star to Reject College Scholarships - If this becomes a trend, the NFL will eventually feel the effects. Granted, a lot of kids who want to go to college may not have any other choice.

NFL Donations to Brain Research Benefits League-Linked Doctors - If the NFL is trying to influence the outcome of studies, then they really don't care about the dangers and are only trying to prevent stories like the previous one from happening.

Obama, Thomas Jefferson and the Fascinating History of Founding Fathers Defending Muslim Rights - With President Obama speaking at a Mosque this week, a good story on the history of defending the rights of Muslims in this country.

Willie Wood Mad the Most Memorable Play of Super Bowl I. He Has No Recollection - Sad story of a man many cheered for.

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