Thursday, January 14, 2016

I miss baseball

Among the many reasons I love baseball is that it's played every day. So when you have a long, busy day with work and other obligations after work, when you get home you can turn on a game and lose yourself in it for three hours.

And that's awesome during the Spring and Summer when the games are going on. But after a long day in the winter, there's no games. No first-and-third one out with the pitcher running on fumes. No trying to guess what the pitcher will throw or if the batter can foul off a great pitch to fight another day. It's not there like it is in the summer and I miss it.

Which is the long way of saying I watched The Bachelor last night with my wife.

Didn't get a chance to read as much as I wanted the past few days, but still found a few things interesting that you might like.

 Chocolate Milk Concussion Study - The University of Maryland promoted a study about how chocolate milk could help with concussions. But when someone called to ask about anything beyond the press release, they suddenly didn't have anything to day.

Praising Kids for Effort Totally Misses the Point - Praising kids for effort without creating the opportunity for learning is misapplying the research.

Bill Cosby and His Enablers - Ta-Nehisi Coates is someone you should be reading. This piece is no exception.

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