Thursday, December 10, 2015

What's old is new

So are we liking these posts? Have you found anything you've found interesting to read?

Would you rather them be weekly with more links and less of my commentary?

Just looking for a little feedback to see what your thoughts are on this? I enjoy doing them (it helps that work is slow now so I'm actually posting more often than I will once I'm home with my kid for Winter Break, but overall, how's the format?)

Today's stories:

A centruy ago, a popular Missouri newspaper demonized a religious minority: Catholics

"OPEN ROME'S PRISON HOUSES IN AMERICA!" blared one headline for a December 1911 story that claimed the church was murdering the babies of nuns and throwing the infant corpses into a pit."

And later ...

"There was a widespread belief that Catholics were waiting for the day the pope would put into motion a campaign to make the country Catholic, and in the meantime amassing [stockpiles] of weaponry that would be used when that day came," Davies said.

But the entire article is worth reading for the parallels to today.

Black and Blue.

I've never experienced child abuse. But I have no doubt that people I know were victims.  It's likely they, like the writer of this article who now plays in the NHL, grew up thinking it was normal. As he writes, he didn't publish this to get people like his father to stop abusing children, but he wrote it for people who suspect something to stand up and say something. I hope, if I'm ever in that situation, I have the courage to say something. I hope you do too.

What the heck is a catch in the NFL anyway?

I read fun stuff, I promise. To prove it, here's the best explanation yet as to what is considered a catch in the NFL.

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