Friday, March 8, 2013

Dumb dog

Dear Dog That Lived At This House Before We Bought It,

I hope you're enjoying wherever it is you're living now. Rest assured that our dog is enjoying her new home and probably getting into many of the same adventures you had here.

There's just one little think you and I need to talk about. I know you lived under the deck in the back yard, and that's all well and good. I bet it was a cool, shady place for you to call your own. But here's the thing. All those holes you dug under the deck, under the steps and even under the gate. Yeah, those ones that you probably had a great time just digging and digging. Well, apparently our insurance company needed those to not be there. And guess who that responsibility fell on?


So I had to find someone who had a large amount of dirt who would let me then fill a pickup truck with that dirt, drive home, and fill in the rather large holes you decided to dig.

I can't speak for your owners, but we have a rule that my son learned by the time he was two. Before you can play with something else, you have to put the first toy away. So in the future, before you decide to dig another hole, how about filling in the first hole before you start.


A guy who does not enjoy moving large quantities of dirt by hand.

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