Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Next year's news today

In an attempt to save you some time next year, here's your BCS outrage column from December, 2012.
After another wild and turbulent season, the BCS once again failed in its only mission of providing a matchup of the two best teams. Sure, #1 will face #2, but as usual, there’s no clear consensus as two who those teams are with four or even five teams staking a claim to a spot in the BCS title game.

The BCS ranking consists a combination of computer rankings and human polls. While the computer rankings were fairly consistent, the human polls, which count as two-thirds of the vote, were wildly divergent.  The coaches poll fell mostly along conference lines, which makes since when you consider they spend all week preparing their team. It’s almost like they don’t have time to actually analyze the other 118 teams they’re not playing that week and delegate the vote to some Sports Information Director or secretary who actually decide who plays in the title game. And then there’s the Harris Poll voters, who I’m fairly certain think they’re actually voting for American Idol.

Making matters worse for the beleaguered BCS are the selections for the remaining championship games. Once again, a deserving team from a non-qualifying conference was passed over for an at-large selection so they could take  a major conference team that “travels well,” which translated from Bowl Committee to English means “brings lots of revenue for us.”  Add in the fact the Big East still gets an automatic bid and the BCS can't be taken seriously as a way to crown a national title.

As expected, fans expressed their outrage over the broken BCS system and everyone from Sports Illustrated to bloggers in their parents’ basement clamoring for change that's not going to come anytime soon.

Meanwhile,  the playoffs for FCS, Division II and Division III continue with quarterfinal games scheduled for Friday and Saturday in games throughout the country.

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