Monday, February 1, 2016

Suvival Skills

Every so often I think about what would happen if I ended up in some kind of post-apocalyptic hellscape and was forced to use only the skills I have to survive. I quickly realize I'd have to join up with some other people into a roving band of survivors hoping to eek out an existence while we hope to rebuild society.

And while that may help me for a short while, eventually our little group would realize that I don't have a lot of skills to aid in survival. I'm not especially handy with my hands and don't have a lot of useful knowledge. I check out youtube for even the most basic home repairs. I don't hunt, don't really cook, and I know the concept behind starting a fire without a match, I couldn't do it myself.

Eventually I settle on the fact that I'd be a bard, a storyteller. But you know what groups of people struggling for survival don't need? Someone to sit around the fire someone else started and telling stories. While I'd hope the group wouldn't outright murder me, I do get the feeling I might just wake up one morning and my group would have abandoned me because in post-apocalyptic hellscapes, storytellers aren't overly useful.

Basically, what I'm asking here is that if there's some kind of world catastrophic event, please take me with you.


So I managed to spend most of the weekend offline. It was a gorgeous weekend so I was outside a lot and then visiting with family so only two links for you, and one of them is actually something I wrote.

Local Archer to Compete Overseas - A Georgia Southern junior is competing in the World Indoor Archery Team for the United States in Turkey. I was privileged to interview her and the story ran this weekend.

An Oral History of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - I was in my first grade when the shuttle exploded. I'd read more about it as I got older, but this is a really well done story from the people who lived and experienced the tragedy.

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