Friday, January 8, 2016


One thing I make a deliberate effort to do with this blog is share stories I find interesting, not necessarily stories I think other people will find interesting. That seems like a bad strategy if the idea is to have people read my blog, and it may be. But I don't want to try to start guessing what someone will or won't capture someone's interest. All I know is that the stories I find end up capturing my interest.

That said, I'm sure there's some psychological bias going after I finish a story that may not have been all that great, but since I spent the time reading it, I justify the time I just spent by saying it was good. Hopefully that's not the case too often.

On to what I've enjoyed the past few days:

America's Racist Obsession With Policing Cam Newton - This is probably obvious to non-whites, but a white guy like me only vaguely are aware of, but we hold black athletes to a completely different behavioral standard than white athletes.

How I Lost My Love of Sports - On Purpose - I find myself drifting towards this conclusion for all sports but baseball. An interesting article made more interesting by the fact it was posted on Sports Illustrated's website.

Turkisth Police Find Factory Making Fake Lifejackets in Izmir - Sometimes people are just the worst.

Hey Oregon "Militia": Here's the History Lesson You Missed - To borrow a line from Paul Harvey, this is the rest of the story of Shay's Rebellion.

Win Anyways: Inside the Division III Hoops Coaching Grind - What does it take to win at a small, northeastern Division III school? And I love the fact that the coach lets his players have fun, even at the expense of a technical foul or five.

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