Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I once wrote about how I really don't like blog posts or other writings that are essentially just lists of things. I stand by that, so in an effort to distinguish this entry from one that is just a list, I'm declaring what follows to be a rankings, not a list. See, they're different. Nothing like each other. Not being hypocritical here. Nope, not me.

So here's where various items rank in my life.

Squirrels - My third-favorite woodland mammal to be in my back yard at some point in the last year.

LeBron James - My second-favorite Cleveland-based character (trailing only Drew Carey).

ESPN - in order, my 7th, 23rd, 15th and 24th favorite letters.

Rachel - My 7th favorite character from Friends.

Austin - 23rd in terms of cities I'd most like to have a seance to speak to Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

Matchbox 20 - My 20th favorite matchbox

Matchbox Cars - 2nd favorite brand of toy cars. (Hot Wheels for Life!)

30 Rock - 30th in terms of Rocks.

Horses - Ranked 5th in my list of ways to measure power.

Gnomes - 13th favorite roaming creature.

 Hot Chocolate - A curse upon this land and unworthy to be ranked just like all the other warm or hot drinks.

Luftballons - Third favorite thing to release into the sky at weddings.

South Dakota - My favorite Dakota

West Virginia - My second favorite Virginia.

South Carolina - My third favorite Carolina.

Diamonds - Either (A) my fourth favorite suit in a deck of playing cards or (B) my favorite shape for playing a sport.

Cuba - 18th favorite Gooding.

Facebook - 83rd in usefulness of things I use daily.

Chattanooga - Third most popular city in Tennessee

Boise - city I'd most like to have a Zaxby's restaurant located.

Boo - My second favorite Radley.

Chicken Nuggets - 7th in terms of food I'd eat when meeting with the head of the International Monetary Fund to discuss my plans of the organization giving me lots of money for no reason.

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