Monday, October 6, 2014

What if... "The Max"

What if The Max, the 50's diner style restaurant from Saved By The Bell, had Yelp Reviews

- This place looks nice from the outside, but inside it's kind of cramped. There aren't that many tables and this group of six teenagers always has the best booth. The food is ok, mostly burgers and fries, but it's definately a teenage hangout spot. Go elsewhere if you're looking for 50's nostalgia."1 Star"

- What a joke. My wife and I wanted something quick so we ducked in here on our way out of town. Little
did we know there was going to be a fashion show taking place right in the middle of the restaurant. Who holds a fashion show in the middle of a restaurant? The fashions sucked and we ended up going somewhere else. "1 Star"

- The place had a creepy vibe to it. The college-aged manager kept hitting on his high school wait staff right in front of the customers. Max? More like "Min." Am I right? "1 Star"

- My husband and I had heard about this place from our son who goes to school at Bayside. We figured we'd give it a shot but when we got there, it turns out some kids in his class had rented out the place for some marriage project in one of their classes. Seriously, is this any way to run a business? "1 Star"

- I'm giving this two stars because the waitress was kind of hot. But the food sucked and right in the middle of our meal, a pep rally broke out for some high school. Don't these kids have a gym or football field? What happened to that oil money they were going to get when they found oil under the football field? "2 Stars"

- Who holds a radio contest at a restaurant roughly the size of half a basketball court? Between the radio DJ and the chairs set up for people to watch a radio show. Who watches a radio show? Anyway, we went elsewhere. No wonder they needed a fundraiser to keep this dump open. "1 Star"

- Casey Kasem broadcasted a dance party from here once, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Big mistake. Food was bland, drinks were served with no ice and there wasn't a single bit of Kasem memorabilia. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. "1 Star."

- This place really started to go downhill once the magician guy left as manager. That guy could really run a restaurant. "1 Star"

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