Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Letters to Cleo

My five-year old loves geography. Like seriously loves it. He was putting his United States puzzle together when he was three and shortly before he just turned five he was able to identify the state just by me saying the capital city for each one. He's got a world map on his wall to help him learn different countries. He's wanted to read the atlas that came with a world map puzzle instead of stories before going to bed. 

Knowing this about him, my sister-in-law has sent him postcards from Salt Lake City and from New Orleans during the conferences she's gone to the past few months. My son was beyond excited to not only get mail, but to get postcards from different states.

So tonight I had an idea. I wonder if I could get him postcards from all 50 states. And by “I could get him,” I really mean “friends online mail them to him.”

I realize that I can’t really be picky when asking friends (or internet friends, or even friends of internet friends) in this endeavor, but should you choose to help me out here, he’d love one that highlighted whatever state you’re sending it from, such as a map of the state or something symbolizing your state (like Mt. Rushmore, for example.)

If you’d like to help me out, please contact me either on twitter (@lukermartin) or email ( and I’ll get you the relevant information (our address, his name, ect.) thanks in advance.

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