Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Good Day

My wife hosted a bridal shower today. That means two things for me.

First, it means I've spent the past few days trying to make our house look like no one actually lives here. Not in the "clear out all the furniture so we can fool the people who watch House Hunters" kind of way, but in the "everything is put in its place just like no time ever" kind of way. It fools no one and is frankly insulting to everyone who shows up. We're putting on a show for ... you know what, that's a rant for another time.

The second thing it means is that my son and I are essentially kicked out of the house for three to four hours so the ladies can do whatever it is they do at bridal showers. I'd initially planned on taking my 4-year old to the Georgia Southern baseball game, but an overcast day with scattered showers and a packed stadium isn't the ideal way to entertain a small child.

Fortunately, right around the corner from the stadium is the Georgia Southern Museum. For $4, we got to see fossilized remains of Mammoths, pretend to be a paleontologist and search for dinosaur fossils while seeing an 30-foot Mosasaur. There was even a small tunnel he could crawl in to and when he stood up, he was in the belly of the long beast. We saw diagrams of Native Americans and their progression to developing tools to making canoes and fishing. We also saw the exhibit on a Civil War POW camp located about 30 miles from the Georgia Southern campus. As you can imagine, my son was less than impressed, so we went back to the mosasaur exhibit for a bit.

After that, we headed over to the Wildlife Center where despite the chilly and windy temperatures, we had a great time wondering the outdoor exhibits. We saw two Bald Eagles, a Golden Eagle, a few owls, snakes, turtles, a falcon and a lot of other animals. His excitement level was unbelievable. "I can't believe we saw a falcon, right in our own town," he said. On our way out, we went back to the Bald Eagle nest to see the majestic bird up close (20 feet away). It was incredibly awesome.

From there, we went to his favorite frozen yogurt place where, as luck would have it, Cars was on. Honestly, I'm not sure they own another movie as it seems Cars is on every time we go there.

All in all, it was a perfect afternoon, and a lot more fun than going to the baseball game would have been.

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