Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Future is Here (except at least one place)

We live in amazing times.

Just the fact that you can read this minutes after I write it, possibly on your phone is truly astonishing.

The fact that you can look up almost any bit of information discovered in the history of human events by typing in the correct words into a search engine is an incredible accomplishment by the human race. Granted, we use that technology to post stupid pictures of cats, but the fact remains, the technology truly is amazing.

So you'd think that a college basketball team would be set up to take a credit or debit card to pay for entry into a game. I mean, there are attachments for your iPhone that can accept credit cards, so surely a Division I institution with a fundraising campaign that enables you to text a word to a number to make a $5 donation to their booster organization would have the capability to do something as simple as accept a debit card.

Only in the case of my Alma Mater, they don't, as I found out tonight. The only reason we stayed is we promised my 4-year old we'd take him to the game tonight. Otherwise, if you're going to make it difficult for me to give you my money, I can easily find other entertainment options that will gladly make things easier for me.

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