Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reelin' in the years

Prologue: When I was a junior in college, a group of us spent our Spring Break in Memphis (Tennessee, not Egypt) working on homes of low-income families. We reshingled a roof and cleared a lot of debris from a home that was in disrepair. This was also near the height of NSYNC's popularity with their smash hit "Bye Bye Bye" ruling the airwaves.  For reasons that to this day remain unclear, it became the unofficial song of our group to the point that five of us from the group learned the dance moves and voluntarily performed it in public. 

When your associate pastor calls you for one thing and then asks if you're going to be at rehearsal for your church's 50th anniversary musical review, it pays to have a handy excuse prepared. Otherwise, you get this.

As an added bonus, I got roped into doing Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, (it didn't take much convincing)  but alas, no Bye Bye Bye.

 Despite my performances, the show was very well received and was really enjoyable. And yes, I'm fully aware I lack any musical or dancing talent, thanks for noticing.

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josh said...

This is what you call "a resume booster."