Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting answers to life's questions

We’ll return to our normally scheduled blogging next week. I’ve been busy challenging the notions of both “higher” and “thinking” while guest blogging at the Institute of Higher Thinking run by my former newspaper colleague Scott Garner. The first installment ran on Tuesday and can be found here while the second installment will run sometime next week (I think. I guess it’s possible it sucked so bad he’ll cut me off from his blog and make it his life’s goal to eradicate the internet from my writings, thus never posting it. Check over there next week and find out.)

But until then, one of my favorite writers on ESPN is Keith Law, mostly because he’s both highly intelligent and extremely snarky. Law serves as one of ESPN’s baseball writers and prior to switching to the media side, he worked in the Toronto Blue Jays front office. For some reason, he also watches The Bachelor (I’m guessing his wife watches) and tweets sarcastic comments about the show. My personal favorite is when the current season was down to two women and the announcer said the ending will be one we didn’t see coming, to which he responded something to the effect of ‘there’s only two women left, I like my chances of predicting the outcome’ and followed it up with (again, roughly paraphrasing from memory) ‘Of course, he could surprise us all and pick both women.’

So when he was discussing college prospects on Twitter Wednesday night, I asked him about the top prospects for the Colonial Athletic Association, since I’ll likely have the opportunity to see any of them when they came to UNC-Wilmington. I didn’t truly expect a response, but it was worth a shot. But much to my surprise and delight, I was on the receiving end of some Klaw snark. (Chronologically, it flows from bottom to top)

Forget, for a moment, that I’ll spend my spring watching guys who will likely never reach the pinnacle of their sport. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that we live in an era where you can get almost instantaneous responses from well-known personalities to your questions. I know Twitter seems pointless to a lot of people, though if you’re taking the time to read a blog, you’re probably much more open to it than, say, my wife, for example. And honestly, there’s a ton of crap on it, including stuff I’ve posted. Yes, I know that no one truly cares that I wish I had a cool name like Fab Mello. But getting an answer to a question from one of the ‘celebrities’ I follow makes it seem worthwhile to me.

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