Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TCU: National Champions

While Oregon and Auburn may have battled for the BCS National Championship last night, the voters in the inaugural Expecting the Spanish Inquisition have crowned Texas Christian University as the National Champions of the 2010 season for their 13-0 season that was capped with a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin. 

What the Expecting the Spanish Inquisition National Title may lack in prestige, it makes up for in . . . well, not much really. There's not a crystal trophy. There's no ceremony of any kind, for that matter. In fact, other than this blog, there's not any announcement at all. There's no interview on SportsCenter for the Horned Frogs' players or coaches. No parades back on campus. No fame of any kind.

But what the ETSI National Title has in common with the BCS National Title is that both were decided by the voters. Unlike every other sport in the history of the world, Division 1-A football (officially 'Football Bowl Subdivision', but the only people who call it that are broadcasters who have a financial reason to keep the NCAA happy) lets the voters of polls decide who the best team in the country is. Everyone else does it the way God intended, with a playoff.

So if voters are going to decide the national champion, I don't want to be left out. So congrats to the Horned Frogs. Excuse me, the National Champion Horned Frogs.

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