Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, same old jokes

I could give you a litany of excuses as to why I haven't posted anything since mid-December. I could tell you that I've been out of town, either at my parents or Yes Dear's parents from December 9 to December 28. I could tell you that from December 29 to January 1 Yes Dear's parents came to visit El Casa de Martin. I could tell you that my computer's wireless connection doesn't always work and we didn't take it out of town only to have it become a traveling word processor. I could tell you that I just haven't felt up to writing anything since the new year as I've been trying to catch up on my rest. I could tell you that I've started exercising and reading more and in doing so, my time for writing has diminished considerably.

But I won't tell you all that because you, in your unforgiving ways, don't care about my excuses (especially fake one's like the last one I listed.) You, in your insatiable desire for interweb distractions, just want something to distract you from reality for a few minutes before you go back to whatever it is that you do when you're not wasting time reading my ramblings. (I like to assume my readers spend their time saving the world and only read my blog because it's part of their 'saving the world' goal because they know if I get no readers, I'll fall into despair.)

It's a new year now, quite possibly our final full year in existence if the Mayans are correct. So we probably need to make the most of 2011, you know, just to be on the safe side. To that end, I present to you my New Year's resolutions.

Not the Prize for a Fantasy Football Title
Win a Fantasy Sports Title - I came close this year, finishing third in a football league. I'll spare you the details, but if I didn't suck as a manager, I think I could have won it all. With the prospect of no NFL next season due to a lockout and the 2012 season being cut short what with the end of the world and everything, my only hope is fantasy baseball. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I've continued to suck at it the past few years. I blame the kid. Before he came along, I still sucked, but I didn't have him as an excuse. Now I do, so I can blame him.

125 Blog Posts This Year - That's really an arbitrary number. Essentially it's 10 posts a month, which seems doable, but then again, a lot of things seem doable at the beginning of a new year. By the way, please don't start sending me messages like "hey, you're two posts behind the pace you need to be at to reach your goal," or "You've got to write 123 posts in the next three days if you want to meet your resolution." Also, should the opportunity arise and I guest blog on someone's else's site, I'm totally counting that towards my 125. I'll post a link here, so that would count.

That's pretty much the list. Sure, lose weight, eat healthier, not do heroin are on the list, but they're always on the list. (I generally fail at two of those three.)

Next Up: Back to the Walk Through My iPod


Kelley said...

Glad you are back, and trying to kick that nasty heroin habit.

Mary Beth said...

Doing my part to save the world. :)

Dan Underwood said...

Luke if you want to repost this on my blog 100 times, that would get you pretty close to your goal - and put more work on my blog in one day than I have done in the past year.
Oh - and stop making excuses.