Monday, April 19, 2010

And our final category for the jeopardy round, potpourri

Note: After asking for suggestions about a topic to write about on facebook, I tried to write about a few of them that I liked, but none of them seemed to work. So now I'm going to include as many of them as I can in some sort of mad-libs, whose line is it anyway type post. We'll see how it goes.

So there I was, sitting in the 12th inning of a 0-0 baseball game between the Mets and Cardinals with my good friend Sudie Pennebaker  discussing the merits of a scoreless baseball game against those of a 3-0 football game. She believed the baseball game was better due to the tension on every pitch while I maintained the football game was better due primarily to the presence of cheerleaders.

In the 13th inning, Sudie went to get a burrito. When she got back, I couldn't believe just how big it was. I know ballpark food is usually a decent size, but this burrito was huge. It would have taken me three different meals to eat the whole thing. But not my friend Sudie, who managed to devour it in one sitting. And then she just kept going on and on about how she couldn't believe she ate a whole burrito. I mean, she would not stop talking about it to the point where anything that happened from that point on, I couldn't believe it happened. A batter was walked . . . I couldn't believe it. A guy was talking on his cell phone . . . I couldn't believe it.

As the game progressed to the 14th, we started talking about our strangest dreams. Mine was one in which I was the victim of a murder on Criminal Minds and the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI was called in to investigate. Strangely, my spirit hovered over the crime scene as if it could give clues to the FBI agents. Unfortunately, it couldn't and my murder went unsolved. Her's was a sex dream involving President Obama just before the National Day of Prayer. It seemed like an odd dream to have, but then again, I dreamed about being killed in a television show, so I couldn't really say much.

The 15th inning (still scoreless), saw the discussion move to the volcano in Iceland and it's impact on my life. Other than having to convince Sudie that just because Iceland is cold doesn't mean they can't have volcanic activity. She refused to believe me, insisting that it's cold in Iceland, so there's no way anything hot could come from underneath its cold ground. We went round and round for far too long about this before I finally caved and agreed with her. Despite beer sales being cut off in the 7th inning, I think she was still drunk at this point.

During a pitching change in the 16th inning, we started talking about Jersey Shore and reality shows in general. Once again, Sudie took the outlandish position that reality shows are actual portrayals of reality and the editors and producers and writers were just there to ensure the most accurate display of what happened was presented to the audience. It was at this point I began to question my friendship with her. It was also at this time I wished I'd bought more $7 beers before they cut off sales.

In the middle of the inning, I got up to get some food and came across three new Pringles' flavors, soft-shelled crab, grilled shrimp and seaweed. Figuring I would never see these flavors again, I one can of each. (Why they were selling cans of Pringles at a ballgame, I'm not sure, sometimes it's best not to ask questions.) We decided it was nice of Pringles to look out for our health by offering grilled shrimp when it would have been so easy to go with fried shrimp. We were also dying to know what kind of market research went into the decision to release those flavors.

As the game entered the 17th, we got into a discussion about books and literature. Sudie, still drunk, claimed the best book she'd ever read was The Da Vinci Code, which made me wonder if she'd ever read any other book in her life. Sure, the book was interesting, but not all that well written. I told her the best book I'd read was the book Friday Night Lights, which if you've only seen the television show, you really don't know what it is about.

In the 18th inning, I got tired of hearing how she STILL couldn't believe she ate the whole burrito, so I launched into a 25-minute explanation on my beliefs and strategies concerning fantasy baseball, including which stats I look at, how I value players in regards to position scarcity, and the websites I read to try to gain an edge in the game. However, she seemed bored by this, so I decided against recapping that portion of the conversation in detail.

Finally, in the 19th inning, the Mets scored a run and it was looking like we might finally get to go home, In between innings, the topic of Tim Tebow and the NFL draft came up. I hate the NFL draft. There, I said it. It's overrated, overhyped and for the life of me, I don't care what Mel Kiper Jr. thinks. I don't see how running the 40-yard dash .05 seconds slower than you were expected to means you're now no longer a top-10 selection. Fortunately, it seems as though ESPN has spent less time building up to the draft than in years past. Maybe it has something to do with baseball, The Masters, NBA and NHL playoffs all going on. It's like they have actual sports to cover rather than a media event.

In the bottom of the inning, the Cardinals tied it. We were actually so engrossed in the game that we didn't have time to talk about our favorite ESPN personalities or how I'm facebook friends with ESPN Radio's Erik Kuselias.

The Mets then took the lead in the 20th inning, about seven hours after the game started. By this point, we'd run out of things to say and just enjoyed the fact that the game ended.

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