Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Today's thoughts are best enjoyed while listening to Michelle Branch

South of the Border is singlehandedly keeping the billboard industry alive in South Carolina.

Every time I go to Atlanta, I'm reminded how much I hate driving in Atlanta.

At some point, the kids on How I Met Your Mother have to get sick of listening to their dad's long-winded story and just go ask their mom, right?

The only thing better than tickets to a sold-out event is free tickets to a sold-out event.

I would not want to play poker with the guy on 'Lie to Me.'

The arrival of the baseball playoffs means I'm going to miss a lot of sleep over the next few weeks.

Jon Stewart is the only sane man left in an otherwise insane world.

U2 puts on a great concert (a blog about my experience at their Atlanta show coming soon.)

Baseball Playoff Picks (One day after they started):
Division Series:
Cardinals over Dodgers
Phillies over Rockies
Yankees over Twins
Angels over Red Sox

Championship Series:
Cardinals over Phillies
Yankees over Angels

World Series:
Yankees over Cardinals

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